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D I S T R I B U T O R S  O F

 C H A M P A G N E S  &  

P R E M I U M  W I N E S    

S T R I V I N G   T O  B E  T H E  B E S T

We are a nationwide distributor in N. Macedonia with the most sophisticated choices and varieties of fine wines. The dedicated team at VinoDepartment, makes all the efforts to satisfy the different preferences of our customers by providing carefully curated palette of high-quality wines and champagnes. 
Our phylosophy is to inspire a passion and appreciation of fine wine, to become the ambassadors of the houses we represent, so we'll bring the best value and unique flavours to our customers. We are committed to nurture the heritage of every wine collection we represent.  

By introducing the finest sorts and styles of quality wines,  we create an important connection between the wineries and our customers on the Macedonian market.

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